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How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Full of energy and ready to take on the day, or are you exhausted from the moment your alarm goes off? Do you find yourself constantly nodding off at work or almost falling asleep while driving? Have you had problems focusing or remembering things lately? Does your bed partner complain about your loud, chronic snoring?


If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then you could be suffering from the second most common sleep disorder in the country: sleep apnea. At The Columbus Sleep Center, Dr. Eric Buck and our team are dedicated to helping patients overcome this disorder using comfortable, effective, and custom-made oral appliances. Whether you are currently using a CPAP or still need treatment, we can help you finally get the rest you need, and safeguard your overall health in the process.

To learn more about sleep apnea and how we can help you conquer it, contact us today.

The Dangers of Being Sleep Deprived

Tired child in classroom

People who are suffering from sleep apnea are constantly sleep deprived, and while being tired all the time is certainly annoying, chronic sleep deprivation can actually severely harm a patient’s mental and physical health.

When we sleep, the body performs several important functions. In the brain, all of the information that was gathered during the day is organized so you can easily recall it moving forward. When this process is cut off due to sleep apnea, people tend to suffer from persistent memory problems, and over a long enough timeline, this can actually be the precursor to permanent brain damage.

Our body also needs sleep in order to maintain itself physically. Your immune system is constantly fighting off illnesses and your muscles and ligaments need to consistently repair themselves. Sleep deprivation can prevent all of this from happening, so eventually, the body begins to break down, and a person will likely find themselves getting sick and/or injured more often.

Of course, the biggest risk of sleep deprivation actually relates to driving. The National Transportation Safety Board estimates that over 100,000 motor vehicle accidents every year are due to driver fatigue, and that translates into about 1,550 deaths on average, all because the driver was under slept.

Sleep Apnea Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

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Sleep apnea, by and large, most often affects men, but trust us when we say that absolutely anyone can develop this disorder. For women, sleep apnea often leads to chronic migraines that seemingly have no cause or solution, or it makes them snore, causing them to feel extremely self-conscious.

Even young children can suffer from sleep apnea! In fact, those that currently snore, grind their teeth, or struggle with ADHD are at a very high risk of developing sleep apnea down the line.

At The Columbus Sleep Center, we’re committed to eliminating sleep apnea wherever we see it, including for these often overlooked populations. Dr. Buck has years of experience helping patients of all ages get the sleep they deserve, so no matter who comes to see us, they can trust that they are in good hands. Absolutely everyone deserves to have a full night’s rest, and we work hard every day to make that happen.

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Approved

Oral appliance on smile mmodel

Dr. Eric Buck is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, whose main goal is to provide education and training for dentists using oral appliance therapy to treat sleep apnea and other sleep-disordered breathing issues. Through the AADSM, Dr. Buck has access to a variety of materials and can consult with other respected sleep dentists in order to enhance his knowledge and level of care. Dr. Buck is constantly seeking to improve himself so he can provide higher-quality and more personalized treatment for everyone who visits us at The Columbus Sleep Center.

How Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Help

Fortunately, sleep apnea is very treatable. When a person is able to get their sleep apnea under control, they are always surprised by how much their life improves. They have more energy, their mind is clearer, and everything just seems…easier. And for those who are currently using a CPAP, the treatment offered by The Columbus Sleep Center can give them an increased level of comfort and flexibility they never thought possible.

Enjoy Mornings Again

Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling full of energy. When was the last time you felt that? For many with sleep apnea, they have never felt that way. They are constantly tired, which just makes life harder in every single way. Sleep apnea treatment can help lift this weight that is holding you down every morning, enabling you to be truly present in your day-to-day life, not just counting down the clock until you can go to bed.

Wake Up Feeling Energized

If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of goals you want to accomplish, both big and small. Perhaps you would like to lose a few pounds, paint the house, or take a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. Of course, you need energy to do all of those things, and getting enough sleep is key to having that energy. Sleep apnea can literally rob you of the energy to live your best life, but with the treatment and experts at The Columbus Sleep Center, we can change that one restful night at a time.

Be a Better Person

Sleep apnea, in addition to putting a strain on your body, also puts a tremendous amount of strain on a person’s relationships, both personal and professional. It’s nearly impossible to be a good spouse, parent, or employee when you’re constantly exhausted all the time. Plus, chronic snoring can lead to many frustrating and lonely nights on the couch! Getting your sleep apnea under control can help you be…you again! You without the constant tiredness, able to put your renewed energy into the people and relationships that matter the most.

We’ll Help You Do It

With all of this in mind, you probably can’t wait to get the sleep apnea treatment you need and start resting better tonight, but how can you actually get things rolling? At The Columbus Sleep Center, we’re ready to walk you through the entire process of getting a diagnosis all the way to when you receive your custom-made treatment. We’ll make it nice and easy for you, and you’ll probably wish you started sooner!

To get yourself on the road to a full night’s sleep and a renewed life, all you need to do is contact us today.

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